You probably know your partner well and you adore him. However, you should know the signs that will show you whether your partner shares the same feelings with you. These signs will show you the things you have been ignoring, especially if the love you once had for each other is now gone.

These small signs are especially important and significant for any kind of relationship. They can be the factor that determines whether the relationship will continue or it will end. Therefore, you must know these small signs. In this article, we will present you the signs that will help you realize whether your partner still has the same feelings for you. Don’t ignore the signs!

• He is no longer showing the love for you as he did before

If you notice that your partner is ignoring you and shows no interest in you, it may be a sign that love is no longer present. He/she may even pay more attention to other people and is trying to impress them instead of you. The love here is over. You must know that you are the most important person in your life and you must pay more attention to yourself and what you want from your partner.

• He/she is thinking of something else

You may think that this sign is easy to spot. However, it is not. Of your partner loses interest in you and thinks of everything else but you, it is decision time. You should focus on yourself and your wants and needs.

• You don’t have things to talk about together

You must not ignore this particular sign. If you don’t have topics to talk about and your partner pays no interest in your daily life, you are no longer fit for each other. You should find a person that is interested in you and wants to spend hours talking with you on different topics.

• He/she always blames you

Find a better partner if the one you have always blames you for everything.

• Your partner does not support you

If you partner does not support you, does not want to spend time with you, doesn’t want to be around you and even mistreats you, leave him/her.

• Excuses for not being home

Your partner may no longer love you or even have someone else in his/her life if he/she is always at work, on a business trip or out with friends.

• You are no longer part of his plans

If your partner’s future plans do not involve you, something is not right with your relationship.

• Your partner is not respecting you

Your partner may no longer love you if he does not remember the beautiful moments anymore.

• No explanations

Your partner does not see you as part of his life anymore if he does not explain his decisions and plans.

• You take the blame for everything that happens

Your partner always makes you feel guilty for something you haven’t done. It is time to move on.