Although the prevailing opinion is that being silent and not speaking up is bad, there are still several situations in which silence is golden. Today we share with you 10 situations in which silence is the best solution.

When you don’t have the facts

Harlan Ellison’s quote really sums up what we mean: You aren’t entitled to an opinion. You are entitled to have an informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant. So if you speak about a subject for which you don’t have the facts, it would be better to keep quiet or you may look like an ignorant person, especially if the topic is sensitive.

When you think that the words will hurt someone

When you are overwhelmed by rage (most often) and before you start with low blows, try to prevent this and stay quiet. Such an outburst will give you additional problems, and when people are angry they often say things they later regret.

When you think you might end up ashamed

When you replace logic and coolness with impulsivity and hotheadedness, chances are you might end up being ashamed of the things you’ve said. So save yourself and keep quiet in such situations.

When it’s not our time to speak

People can rarely find a person really listens. Focused and fully attentive listening is quite rare. And this can kick us in the rear in every area of our life. Understanding and actively listening can lead you to some new insights, expand your knowledge, and improve your relationships.

When you don’t really have anything to say

We all hate those uncomfortable silences but saying anything just because you feel obliged to speak won’t do you any good in life.

When you are teased

You really need to stay silent if you are in the presence of someone whose intention is to tease or bully you. Every conversation that feels like teasing don’t have to happen – just end it.

If you are trying to stop a related behavior

It is truly noble to recognize and try to change a bad habit. But it can also be pretty hard. We tend to repeat habits when we are not present in the moment or focused. So when we try to change how we talk to ourselves or others we have a tendency for conflicting thoughts. It’s very important to stay silent until you are able to regain control.

When you are full with negative emotions

There isn’t a law that states that you are obliged to speak to someone. And you surely don’t need to talk to people when you are full of negativity. Negative emotions can cloud our judgments which can only exacerbate the situation.

When you could be doing something more productive

Instead of random and pointless conversations, you could invest this time into something more useful. Unproductive chats only waste your time and drag you away from responsibilities.

When the things you say reflect poorly on someone else

Talking about someone behind their back is no solution. Instead of being a gossip, just face them and tell them directly what’s on your mind.