After a breakup, a fight with a friend or after realizing the person you like doesn’t like you back it is normal to be sad and dissatisfied. But instead of expressing nervousness through various indecent ways, there are many more productive things that you can use to deal with the situation. It is also very important that you know and accept that these things can have a serious impact on your mind and your body, so it’s okay to feel confused and hurt. In fact, the more serious your relationship was with a person, the more likely you are to get a crisis. There is no doubt that this is a difficult period, but you can move on. Think about how much energy you spend and realize that you can redirect it to more productive things. Here are some tips you can apply to get someone out of your head.

Never react to negative comments

If you react to something that was meant to hurt your feelings you will remember it more. So never let the hurtful words bother you. If you make it clear that the words people say don’t have an impact on you, people will leave you alone.

Find a healthy distraction

Arm yourself with a healthy distraction. Choose your favorite activity such as computer game or reading a book, watching your favorite television show – and do this activity as soon as you start thinking about the person or the unpleasant situation.

Don’t try to figure out why people act as they do

Everyone is different and trying to discover someone’s motives will just make you think more about the person.

Stay relaxed

No matter the situation, always try to stay relaxed. Having control over you is more important than going things with a hot head. If someone or something is annoying you, be calm and you will be able control the situation.

Don’t make assumptions

Have the courage to ask a question and say what you really want. In order to avoid misunderstandings with others, pain and drama, communicate as clearly as possible.

Never consider your thoughts as facts

Not everything that comes on your mind is a fact, most of them are just opinions. Sometimes our thoughts are based on our feelings rather than on facts.

Learn to forget and forgive

If someone told you or did something wrong, don’t take it with your heart. People can sometimes hurt someone unconsciously. The road to happiness is through the ability to forgive and forget. Leave the spoken words or things behind you and don’t let them hurt you. Forgive the one who has sinned in the past, primarily for your own sake. You can’t be happy if you are overbearing what has happened ever if you still feel bitter.

Benefit yourself

When you just can’t stop dwelling on something at least try to think about the positive things rather than the negative. This will calm your mind and put you in a better mood and you will think about other things.

Keep breathing

Breathing is very important! If something is troubling you, take time to breathe. Just stop doing anything and take your time to calm yourself.

Don’t expect that thing will just start to be okay

You need to work out whatever you are going through. Things won’t just disappear by themselves overnight.

Be kind

Being nice even to the person that torments your mind can eliminate some of the negative emotions. Depending on your gestures they can even change their tune and apologize to you.

Being constantly worried has an impact on your health

If you feel overwhelmed, maybe it would be best to seek therapy. Whether it’s talking to a professional or with your best friends, this can greatly contribute to restoring your energy.

Don’t take the blame for things you didn’t do

If a person is trying to blame you about something don’t accept this just to calm things down. It will do you more harm than good.

Throw away the memories

If you are hurting because a person is no longer part of your life, throw out everything that reminds you of that person. This will probably be painful and hard, but it will undoubtedly help you move on.

Give yourself time to overcome it

As the saying goes: Rome was not built in a day – your memories won’t erase themselves in a day too! You need to be realistic with yourself and allow yourself some time to heal.

Never forget that you can’t change the past

Don’t live in the past because you can’t change it. It will only bring you into depression. Look ahead and have the courage to move on.

Use these advices to help you overcome all of your obsessions, but have realistic expectations. Sometimes our mind acts like a broken record sometimes, and in situations like these you just need to change the record. Strengthen the relationship with yourself and allow yourself to be happy.