Carl Jung is one of the most famous psychologists. Besides Freud, he is perhaps the most famous and most deserving one for raising psychology at an even higher and more significant level. His contribution to the psychology and research of the human soul will forever be his legacy from which future psychologists will learn and mature.

His insight into human psychology and soul goes really deep. So today we have decided to share with you his five factors for leading a happy and fulfilling life.

Take care of your physical and mental health

Physical and mental health are related and it is important to take care of both to create a balance. In order to improve mental health, it’s important to be physically healthy. Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, avoid alcohol and cigarettes … these are just some of the things that will help you.

Work on improving your relationships with others

People are social beings and it is natural for relations with others to be an important factor of happiness and well-being. But, it is also necessary to have a quality relationship with yourself.

Every people in our lives can make us feel happy. Of course, we can’t like all people all the time, and we don’t always get along with our closest, but the general idea is that people who are loved and who constantly work to improve their relationships, experience more happiness than those who don’t. Also spending your life in service of your loved ones: your spouse, friends, children, extended family, will make you feel happier. When we remove our needs and work to make other people happy, we experience more happiness as a result of these actions.

See the beauty around you

If we want to lead a happy life, we need to stop and smell the roses. We are always so busy so we miss the beautiful things around us. Never miss a chance to appreciate the beauty around you. We rarely do this. Taking time to soak up the world can help you improve your happiness and reduce stress.

Love what you do

Everyone’s interest in what they do varies from person to person. There is a great divide between those who live to work and those who work to live. But when we feel productive and needed our happiness levels go up. And even though there are a lot of people who hate their jobs, those who enjoy what they do experience greater satisfaction because they take pride in what they create.

Have faith

Even though associating with a formal religious organization doesn’t necessarily mean having a happy life, a lot of people, including Jung himself, believe that having faith in something bigger than ourselves could lead you on a path to happiness. Believing that life doesn’t end when we leave this world offers comfort to millions of people and it can bring you acceptance and solace during turbulent times in our lives.

If you are struggling to grab happiness, try to focus on some aspect of your life that you can improve. Sometimes, just trying to improve yourself or some situation can bring you happiness and satisfaction.