Luckily almonds are added and found in many food products including granola bars, chocolate bars, baked treats, salads, ice cream, trail mix, etc. the reason why almonds can be found in so many food products is their ability to reduce the LDL levels. LDL or “low-density lipoprotein” is the bad cholesterol. LDL causes clogging up and hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and other health issues. Consuming almonds on a daily basis is very beneficial for preserving the health of your heart.

Firstly, almonds are not nuts

Almonds are in fact the kernels inside of the seeds of the almond tree. Almonds can be eaten toasted or raw. You can also consume almonds together with baked items, desserts and various dishes. Nowadays, you can purchase whole, sliced almonds or almond flour.

Polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E make almonds extremely effective in the reduction of LDL levels.

The antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of the cholesterol in the food that you consume is vitamin E. So, it cannot stick on the arteries’ inner walls and cause reduction of the blood flow.

You should not fear the “fat” in the polyunsaturated fats found in almonds

Polyunsaturated fats are not dangerous kinds of fats. These fats actually reduce the levels of LDL, so the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and narrowing and hardening of the arteries – atherosclerosis are considerably reduced. The best aspect of almonds is that don’t affect the HDL levels while reducing the LDL levels. HDL, an abbreviation for high density lipoprotein, is the good cholesterol that keeps the bad cholesterol levels in order.

According to one study, people who consume almond regularly reduce the levels of LDL by 10%

These amazing results among the participants in this study were achieved by only incorporating almonds in the diets, without making any other healthy diet changes. The almonds can be even more effective for a person that eats a healthy diet and leads a healthy lifestyle.

The participants in the above mentioned study were given only 73 grams of almonds. This is only a half a cup of almonds a day

You may want to try to increase the amount of almond that you consume to lower your bad cholesterol levels even more. However, you should know that almonds besides the beneficial ingredients contain a lot of calories as well. 73 grams of almonds or half a cup of almonds daily already adds 400 calories to your daily calorie count.

The main thing to remember when adding almonds to your diet in order to improve the health of your heart is moderation of consumption. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, do regular exercises and eat a proper diet while consuming almonds, you will improve your heart and overall health even more. Try to incorporate almonds in your diet and enjoy the benefits of this amazing gift of nature.