Resistance exercises can help you lose weight, tone the muscles and improve your endurance and strength.

In one study, carried out on people with fatty liver disease, the participants were divided in 2 groups. One group did endurance exercises, while the other did not do resistance training.

When the study ended, the group which did resistance exercises had less fat, more muscle and their condition improved.

The exercises listed below don’t require any special equipment. They will help you look amazing soon. You will have a toned body. These exercises influence several different muscle groups at the same time. They also melt any excess fat that you have on your body.


The burpee improves the pumping of the heart and affects all the major muscles.


This exercise may be difficult for beginners, but it is an excellent way to tone the muscles.


Squats are an amazing way to reshape your legs and buttocks. This exercise can be even more intense if you use a barbell or dumb bells.


You can tone the chest muscles, sculpt the shoulders and make your triceps stronger by doing pushups.


You can tone the hamstrings and tighten your buttocks with lunges. If you experience pain in the knees, do glute bridge exercises instead.

Spider crawl

You can tone the core muscles and increase the mobility of the hips with this exercise.


This exercise is effective in improving stability of the knees and ankles. To burn more calories, jolt your joint and do minimal jumps.


The plank exercise works all the core muscles and is an excellent way to reduce back pain.

Jumping rope

This exercise will tone the legs and the arms and you can use it as a replacement of running.

Get up

This is one of the best exercises for a flat abdomen.