Cancer is the most terrible and dangerous diseases. In case of this disease, there is abnormal cell growth. The cells also spread or invade the other parts of the body. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, he/she is given several different treatment options. These options are determined by personal requirements, the type of the cancer, the age of the person, the stage of the cancer’s development and the person’s general health condition.

One of the most common types of cancer treatment is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy uses drugs or medicines to destroy the cancer. However, this treatment can cause severe side-effects and it is very aggressive. Therefore, many cancer patients reject this treatment and try to defeat their cancer with alternative and natural treatments. In this article, we will present you a man who tried to defeat cancer by using baking soda.

Vernon Johnson was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and he was scheduled for chemotherapy treatment. However, as we already mentioned, chemotherapy destroys the body, the immune system and all the resources and energy. Therefore, this man rejected chemotherapy and tried to find a natural cure for this terrible deadly illness.

As Mr. Johnson was suffering from stage 4 cancer, the chances of getting better even from chemotherapy were very slim. The doctors even thought that nothing will improve his condition.

However, this man was determined to survive. With the support of his brother, Mr. Johnson started researching natural ways to increase the pH levels in the body in order to stop the spreading and growth of the cancer cells. He decided to do this with cesium chloride.

The therapy with cesium chloride is extremely rarely recommended by doctors, even though it is more effective than radiation and chemotherapy. Luckily, this man was determined to find out everything about this alternative method of treatment. While researching cesium chloride, he found another simple and cheap treatment of cancer. The treatment with baking soda.

Baking soda is an effective treatment against itchiness caused by skin allergies, blisters and scar prevention and can also raise the pH levels by neutralizing the acidity.

Mr. Johnson started consuming maple syrup and baking soda on a daily basis.

Baking soda effectively inhibits cancer by creating an alkaline environment, since the cancer cells can only survive in an acidic environment. Intravenous use of sodium bicarbonate can even bring it closer to the cancer growth, but oral administration is inexpensive, save and effective as seen in the case of Mr. Johnson.