Our body has its own ways to protect itself. For instance, in case of a cut and bleeding, the blood gets thicker to prevent loss of too much blood. However, these blood clots sometimes form for no reason and they can be dangerous.

They can lead to a heart attack and stroke. Therefore, you have to know how to recognize that you have a blood clot.

Here are the ways

Tenderness and pain in the legs – these are the most common signs of a blood clot in the body.

Unexplained coughs – if you are coughing for no reason, pay attention to your breathing and heartbeat. If there are some irregularities, consult a doctor.

Difficulty breathing – difficulties breathing and shortness of breath are signs of a lung blood clot. If you also have fast heart bit and chest pain, call your doctor.

Chest pain – this is also a symptom of a blood clot in the lungs, so seek medical attention.

Red streaks along the veins – blood clots can be seen as skin bruises, so if you have red streaks on your skin, consult a doctor.

Swollen legs – this may be deep vein thrombosis. In this condition the flow of blood and oxygen is obstructed, so consult a doctor.

Blood clots can be fatal. Therefore, if you notice the above mentioned symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.