Lung cancer takes many lives. This cancer type is responsible for more lost lives than pancreatic, breast and colon cancer together.

Most of the lung cancer cases are caused by non-small cell lung cancer – NSCL.

According to studies, parsley can destroy cancer cells due to the presence of apingenin. Other ingredients that contain this ingredient are red wine, celery, artichoke, onion, orange, chamomile, coriander and oregano.

However, apigenin in parsley is the most concentrated, so parsley is the best natural remedy against lung cancer.

Parsley tea preparation

Pour 200 milliliters of boiled water over 15 grams of chopped parsley. Heat the mix for 5 minutes. Leave it to rest for 15 minutes and then strain it.

Drink 3 cups of the tea daily and enjoy the healing benefits.

This natural remedy is also effective against urinary infections and kidney stones and sand, as it is a strong diuretic.