In this article, we will present you with an effective and healthy suggestion on how you can have a proper diet. This is an amazing solution because it does not contain too many calories.

The solution is in fact a shake that is made out of incredible fresh ingredients. All that you will need to prepare this shake is lemon, cucumbers, mint and ginger. You will get rid of the excess fat on your abdomen pretty quickly. Before the recipe, you can find out which benefits are offered by the ingredients contained in this healthy, delicious, fat burning and affordable shake.


Lemons are loaded with many vitamins especially vitamin C. Actually, vitamin C is contained in abundance in all citrus fruits. Lemons are also full of vitamin B1 and vitamin B. moreover, they contain important minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. These vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper function of the organs and the entire body.

These are the benefits of lemons:

• Help in the healing of injuries
• Control the sugar levels in the blood
• Prevent the development of renal stones
• Destroy harmful bacteria
• Boost the immune system
• Help in the removal of dangerous toxins
• Keep the muscles toned

Lemons are extremely important for organic medicine because they can be used as a remedy for the flu, common colds, breathing problems and difficulties, pneumonia, as well as other health problems.


Ginger is most often used as a spice, but in Chinese medicine it is one of the most used ingredients for disease treatment. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, oils and minerals and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

You can treat the following health issues with ginger:

• Fatigue
• Breathing problems
• Digestive problems
• Melancholy
• Heart problems because it boosts the circulation of blood
• The flu and common colds
• Menstrual symptoms
• Lack of sexual desire
• Arthritis
• Headaches


Mint can be used in case of:

• Mint can reduce spasm, gas, pain and swelling of the gastrointestinal tract
• It has antiseptic properties so it can treat skin problems, such as eczema
• Improve sleep quality and stop insomnia
• Reduce stress
• Relaxes the muscles if taken through an infusion
• Improves circulation of blood


Cucumbers are excellent against obesity because they consist mostly of water. These are the benefits of cucumbers:

• Protects the stomach walls
• Repairs the muscles of the digestive system
• Cleanse the intestinal system by being a natural laxative
• Controls the uric acids levels
• Eliminates toxins through urine
• Enhances the detoxification process

Ginger, mint and cucumber lemonade

Needed ingredients:

• 10 mint peppermint leaves
• 4 lemons
• 2 liters water
• 1 ginger
• 1 cucumber


Slice the cucumber and the lemons and remove the lemon sees. Blend all the ingredients and leave the mixture in the fridge for 6 hours. Then your healthy and delicious drink is ready.