Nobody enjoys doing the laundry. It can be quite annoying. You can become even more frustrated when stains remain on your clothes no matter how much you try to remove them. Everybody wonders why some stains are so resistant.

When you deal with stains, you also have to pay a lot of money for detergents. Luckily, there are ways to have nice clean clothes without spending a lot of money and without exhausting yourself.

Here we will show you some ways you can make doing laundry an easier task. The secret ingredient that you can use is white vinegar. Here is how this ingredient can help you with your laundry:

• White vinegar can replace a fabric softener. Just put the vinegar in the washing machine where you usually put your fabric softener. The white vinegar has the same effects as the fabric softener. The vinegar will make your clothes even softer and it is also not affecting the environment in a negative way.

• White vinegar can effectively remove stains and sweat that remain on white clothes as it contains acid.

• White vinegar also protects the color of the clothes, reduces soap residue and enhances the effects of detergents. You only need to pour ½ a cup of vinegar on the clothes before washing them in the machine.

• Powder detergent residue often remains on the clothes after washing. This affects your skin negatively. You only need ½ a cup of white vinegar to stop this.

• White vinegar is also effective against unpleasant odors. Your clothes will smell nice with white vinegar.

• To remove stains from your clothes, soak them in ½ a cup mixed with warm water. Leave them in the water through the night. If there are some stains in the morning, spray the stain with the vinegar and gently rub the stain.

• White vinegar can also remove animal hairs and fuzz from clothes. Your clothes will be free of hairs after a white vinegar treatment.

• White vinegar is also effective against static electricity as acid in it can deal with static charge.

• When doing a hand wash, soak your clothes in water and 6 tablespoons of vinegar for 30 minutes. This mix is good for underwear and swimwear as well.

• Besides clothes, you can also keep the washing machine clean with white vinegar. Remember that this ingredient is environment friendly.