We are presenting a list of a few ingredients that will help you cleanse your lungs from toxins.

These ingredients can cleanse all of the organs of the respiratory tract. These ingredients cannot cleanse your lungs completely, but they will eliminate the toxins and reduce the risks of cancer.

Corn sugar

Corn sugar contains antioxidants that can protect you from cancer. However, remember to buy organic one.


Selenium is a powerful antioxidant contained in grains, eggs, lamb and fish, such as salmon and tuna.


Garlic protects you from many different diseases, including cancer. It can even prevent the growth of the cancerous cells.


You can eat it or consume it as tea to cleanse the lungs from toxins.


We all know that oranges are loaded with vitamins. However, they are also able to protect you from lung cancer.


This herb is loaded with iron. It is also a useful ingredient that can be used for a lung detox. It can also be used against infections.

Pine needle tea

This tea is traditionally used as a wash for the mouth and the throat. It can also be quite helpful against lung cancer.