Many homemade sunscreens, body creams and beauty products contain coconut oil. Nowadays, coconut oil is even an ingredient in many hair products.

For many years, women in the Caribbean, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia have been using coconut oil and coconut milk to keep their hairs naturally colored, long and silky.

It is well known that eating coconut oil is beneficial. Moreover, it can be topically applied on the hair.

1. Coconut oil against hair loss

Nutritional deficiency, fungal infection or an inflammatory skin condition are the causes for hair loss. Coconut oil is loaded with beneficial fats, which reduce inflammation, fights infections and nourish the hair scalp and shaft.
Mix 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of sage oil for the treatment. Cook the oils on low heat until the oils are combined well. Then, leave the mixture to cool down a bit. Put the mix on your head before going to sleep and cover the hair with a shower cap. Wash your hair in the morning.

2. Coconut oil against hair damage

Coconut oil is the best oil for preventing hair damage. It is far more better than sunflower oil and mineral oil. Moreover, it is the only oil that can strengthen the shaft and reduce the loss of protein.
Split ends can also be repaired with coconut oil, even though it is better to trim off the split ends every month and a half.

3. Coconut oil for smooth hair

Excessive dryness of the hair shaft and the cuticles causes frizzy hair. Coconut oil retains the moisture in the hair shaft while being hydrophobic – repels water.
Apply coconut oil 15 minutes before bath to keep your hair smooth and silky. You can make split ends easier to brush if you apply coconut oil on them. You can also use coconut oil to style your hair.

4. Coconut oil against dandruff

Fungus, dry skin or other problems can cause dandruff. Dandruff is a scalp condition where the skin on the scalp is flaking.
Coconut oil hydrates dry skin and fights fungal infection, so it is able to treat dandruff.
Mix equal parts of castor and coconut oil and massage you scalp with the mixture. Leave it on your hair for half an hour and then wash your hair. If you suffer from severe and chronic dandruff problem, do this treatment every time you wash your hair.

5. Coconut oil against lice

Young children often have lice. Almost all treatments for lice damage the hair, burn the scalp and are very toxic.
Coconut oil is an excellent choice for the treatment of lice in young children since the oil does not irritate the skin on the scalp, it only irritates it. This incredible oil is effective even against lice that are pesticide-resistant.
The oil coats the lice and suffocates them and prevents the eggs to remain on the hair shaft.
Apply the oil on the hair, leave it on for several days and add more oil as it gets absorbed into the hair and the skin. To increase the power of the oil you can also use tea tree oil.

6. Coconut oil against gray hair

The color of your hair is determined by the pigment cells located at the base of the hair follicles. With age, these cells lose their efficiency and die.
Coconut oil protects the base of your hair follicles and nourishes the scalp and in this way it prevents gray hair. The more protected are your hair follicles and your scalp, the greater are the chances to avoid gray hair.
Massage your hair for 15 minutes every day with lemon and coconut oil.


You are missing many health benefits if you are not using coconut oil. Most herbal and organic shampoos contain coconut oil. If your shampoo does not contain coconut oil, add some by yourself.