This white part of the nail has a form of a crescent moon, but the question is what its meaning is.

This white area around your nails is a sensitive and vital part of the nail structure, which must not be damaged.

In Latin, this area is called Lunula or little moon. This part of the nail hides blood vessels underneath.

You can see this part best on the thumb, but every line is not visible. Sometimes the nail cuticles, which are thick layers of skin around the nails on the feet and hands, cover the Lunula partially or completely.

Actually, Lunula is the visible part of the nail’s root and damage to it can lead to nail deformity.

In alternative medicine, it is believed that Lunula can reveal some important information about your overall heath. For instance, traditional Chinese medicine claims that lack of Lunula signals an anemia and malnutrition, while pale or blue Lunula signals diabetes. If the Lunula has red spots in it, that person may have cardiovascular problems.

Lack of Lunula or really small Lunula usually symbolizes bad digestion which can be caused by a slow metabolism or the presence of huge amounts of toxins and poisons inside the body.

Chinese medical experts also mention that every healthy person has seven or eight Lunulas on the nails. If you have it only on your thumbs, it may mean that your kidneys may be failing.

A normal nail is pinkish, strong and with an arch shape and the Lunula is clearly visible on the nail. The Lunula shows how much you are healthy and energetic. The Lunulas are whiter if you have more energy. The Lunula is black if you lack energy.

The Lunula should take one fifth of the nail and it should have sharp and clean edges. If you are sick, the Lunula will show by changing its shape and shrinking its size. When the body recuperates, the Lunula will regrow upwards.