The amazing taste of dates can make you a date addict. Eating only 3 dates a day can provide your body with many health benefits. Moreover, this fruit is extremely nutritious.

Here is why dates are so beneficial. You may have not been familiar with these health benefits of dates.

• Dates are very nutritious

Dates are an excellent nutritious ingredient as they are loaded with copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and fiber.

• Dates boost the function of your digestive tract

Consuming dates on a regular basis will help you solve the problems of bloating, constipation, gas and IBS. Dates have even been used as a treatment of hemorrhoids and piles. Dates are effective in solving these digestive issues due to the high presence of dietary fiber in them.

• Dates relieve pain effectively

Magnesium in dates makes them an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, dates are very effective in the treatment of pain and swelling due to arthritis. Dates are also able to lower the chances of heart disease and stroke as they are also effective in the treatment of inflammation of the arteries.

• Dates are good for pregnant women

Research has shown that dates are beneficial for pregnant women, especially before labor and delivery. According to data, pregnant women who consumed dates on a regular basis for a month before their due date experienced less pain during labor and delivery.

• Dates protect from stroke and regulate high blood pressure

Magnesium in dates helps tremendously in regulating high blood pressure. You will also be protected from cardiovascular diseases due to the presence of potassium in this fruit. Therefore, dates are an extremely important ingredient for your heart.

Magnesium also protects you from stroke.

• Dates boost brain function

Your brain will function excellently and even better with the consumption of vitamin B6, which is found in dates. The vitamin improves your focus, memory, concentration and cognitive function.