These refreshing and healthy flavors of the drinking water will help you to control your cravings, slim down your stomach area and cleanse the toxins from your body.

The following recipes for detox water will provide your body with amazing benefits. Moreover, these recipes are delicious.


1. Detox water for a flat abdomen
Needed ingredients:
• 24 ounces of cold water
• Cucumber slices
• Mint leaves
• ½ of a sliced lemon
• ¼ of a sliced orange

Why is this recipe effective?
– The mint leaves will sooth the stomach cramps and will ease the digestion.
– The cucumber slices will prevent the retention of water. They also have a lot of anti-inflammatory qualities.
– The orange slices will reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and they will stimulate your immune system.
– The citric acid in the lemon slices has cleansing abilities which will clear out the digestive tract.
Replacing regular water with detox water will keep you hydrated through the entire day. To optimize the effects and benefits of the detox water replace the old fruits with new after 2 refills.

2. Detox water for craving control
Needed ingredients:
• 24 ounces of cold water
• Mint leaves
• 1 sliced strawberry
• ½ of a sliced lemon
• ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
• ¼ of a sliced apple

Why is this recipe effective?
– The mint leaves will ease the stomach cramps and sooth the digestive tract.
– The strawberry slices are effective against carcinogens as they contain anti-aging qualities.
– The lemon slices will stimulate your digestive tract and help you if you have a constipation problem.
– The cinnamon will help you control the intake of calories as it reduces the cravings for sugar and sweets. It will help you to eat less. It will also help the body to successfully manage the sugar levels in the blood.
– The apple slices are able to speed up the healing process of wounds. They are also helpful in maintaining and repairing the damaged bones and teeth.

3. Detox water for cleansing
Needed ingredients:
• 1 or 2 liters of cold water (depending on how strong taste you want)
• Cucumber and watermelon slices
• 1 lemon or lime
• 13 mint leaves

Why is this recipe effective?
– The mint leaves are able to sooth the stomach cramps and ease the digestion process.
– The lime or lemon slices will regulate and stimulate the work of the digestive system. They will also stimulate the production of bile. Moreover, the ease the bile flow by making it thinner. The liver produces the bile which in the small intestine is responsible for breaking down the consumed fats.
– Cucumber or watermelon slices – the organic compound in watermelon called citullone aids the cleansing of toxins in the body.