In cases of diabetes and high blood pressure, doctors prescribe insulin and medicines. These treatments are inevitable. However, some people choose to ignore the doctors’ recommendations and try to naturally overcome these medical problems. There is a natural way to overcome diabetes by eating raw fruits and vegetables.

Diabetes is many cases diagnosed accidentally. Usually, people with an diagnosed diabetes feel extreme thirst. When they visit the doctors they are usually shocked with the diagnosis. Often, the sugar levels are nearly 30 and sometimes the pancreas may not be functioning as well. If a patient has diagnosis, using insulin is required.

At first, people must come to terms with this illness. Then, they accept the illness, start taking insulin regularly and usually start exercising or doing some sports activities. The illness may continue with some other issues as well. For instance, one man with diabetes that used insulin on a regular basis started having high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels. This requires even more pills to be taken.

This man got fed up with his illness. Then, he saw a TV show where the guest was a doctor who was only consuming raw foods for more than 12 years.

The man decided to change his diet after watching the show and started eating raw food. He started his new lifestyle with a blender and raw food.

In the beginning, the man had several temptations, which he overcome successfully. After a short period, the first results appeared. His high blood sugar levels dropped drastically at first.

Next, the man stopped using insulin. It seemed logical to him that his sugar levels would not increase due to his diet on raw fruits and vegetables and if they increase, he can use insulin then. Luckily, his blood sugar levels remained normal. Afterwards, the man started losing weight.

Every day he measured his weight and the results were the same. He lost one kilogram each day. After 25 days, he lost 11 kilograms. Today, this man is not using insulin. His blood sugar and triglyceride levels are normal, as well as his blood pressure. He is also 20 kilograms lighter and completely healthy.

Here is his favorite juice:

• 5 bananas
• 2 kiwis
• 2 apples
• 1 handful kale

Mix these ingredients with ½ a liter of water. Drink half of the juice in the morning and drink the rest throughout the day.

If you are hungry, eat tuna, fruits and fruit salads. Tuna contains vitamin B12, an essential vitamin for the body.

Your brain will not know that your stomach is hungry, as your blood, which shows the brain the signs of hunger, has all the needed ingredients.