By consuming this meal for 3 days you will lose weight and cleanse your intestines from fecal waste. This meal also has the ability to balance the acid levels in your stomach.

The Vitamin salad contains dark leafy vegetables and other types of vegetables that are loaded with pectin, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These components help in the cleansing process of the intestines and in losing weight. Moreover, the accumulated fat in your body will start to melt as this meal is really low on calories.


• Carrot
• Dark leafy vegetables
• Oil
• Cabbage
• Beet
• Lemon juice


First, grate the carrot, beet and cabbage. The ratio should be 3:1:1.

Parsley, celery or dill is excellent additions to the salad if you want to spice it up. Then, mash the vegetables so that their juices are released. The next step is to add small amount of lemon juice. If you like it, you can also mash a garlic clove and add it to your salad.

Finally, season the salad with a vegetable oil. The best choices are linseed oil or olive oil.

You should not use salt in your salad. However, if you cannot eat your meals or this salad without salt, add soy sauce. It will improve the taste of the salad and it also contains salt. Soy sauce is not dangerous for your health. Moreover, it is highly nutritious.

There is one recommendation for people suffering from lack of gastric acid. They should not consume sauerkraut.