Gregg Braden claims that cancer is also an emotional and spiritual problem and it can be treated with our emotions, which can change our DNA. According to Braden, changing our thoughts can cure cancer in a few minutes.

Studies have shown that our thoughts and emotions are important in the electromagnetic field. They can reach up to 1 meter in front of a person. Researchers even believe that in the future we will produce energy with our thoughts.

If we are able to do this, we will also be able to cure diseases with our emotions. In a Chinese hospital the scientists managed to shrink a tumor with this practice. If we control our emotions, we can create an electromagnetic field, which can be used to control things around us. Our emotions go out in the environment that we live in.

This is why we must be careful with negative thoughts and emotions. They can affect and change our DNA. We need positive thought and emotions and we may be able to cure even the most dangerous diseases, such as cancer.