If you didn’t know, Dustin Hoffman was in a movie in 1982 in which he had to dress up as a woman – Tootsie. This transformed his viewed on women and offered him a completely unexpected perspective on beauty.

In this video, you will listen to Dustin Hoffman explaining how our brainwashed society is and how beauty shouldn’t matter as much as it matters. He says that until he realized this he missed out on getting to know so many beautiful women because he didn’t feel a need to approach them on the basis on their less pretty appearance.

Hoffman said that the transformation into a woman who isn’t conventionally attractive made him understand that he spent his life judging women on the basis of their appearance. Hoffman choked back the tears as he recounted his realization and you can really see raw emotion.

He stated that when he saw his first transformation he was shocked to see how unattractive he washed as a woman. He then said, “now that you made me look like a woman, you need to make me a beautiful woman” and received a reaction that completely changed his perspective “this is as good as it gets.”

Watch video below and share your opinion. How would you be different if you were born as the opposite sex? It is obvious Dustin’s role in this movie meant more to him than another gig, his speech is powerful.