Many people have problems with getting rid of the abdominal fat. Now, it is summer and everyone is trying to find an easy and fast way to lose abdominal fat without strict diets and intense workout sessions. We will show you some exercises that will help you have a flat abdomen. You only need to be dedicated and consistent.

• Roll

Lie down on the floor and make the letter T shape with your arms. Lift your legs to a 90 degree angle, lower them slowly, bend them and bring them up to your chest. Do this for half a minute.

• Windmill

Lie down on the floor, lift your legs up and start lowering them to the right and then to the left. Keep them together and do this for half a minute.

• Starfish crunch

Lie down on the floor and stretch your legs and arms wide apart in order to make the form of a starfish. When you are in this position touch your foot with the opposite hand and then repeat the exercise with the other foot and hand. Do this exercise for half a minute as well as the others.

• Mountain climber

Place the hand on the floor and bring the body up on your toes. Meanwhile, you must keep your spine straight. Then, bring your knees down into the trunk. Switch the legs for half a minute.

• Russian twist

Sit on the floor in half-lying pose and lift your legs or place them on the floor. Bend your abdomen left and right for half a minute.

• Spiderman plank

Get in the plank position, lift one leg and bend the knee in a 90 degree angle. Remain in this position for 15 seconds, hold the stomach in and then repeat with the other leg.

• Single leg drop

Lie down on the floor and spread your arms in the T position. Lift the legs in a 60 degree angle and lower one leg at a time.

• Two fold leg circle

Lie on the floor, lift your legs and start doing circular motions with them for half a minute.

• Vacillate kick

Lie on the floor, lift your legs and start pedaling like you are swimming. Do this for half a minute.