Excess fat in the arm is the reason for having arm fat. Many women feel uncomfortable due to the appearance of their arms, when arm fat is hanging on them. Arm fat is one of the most difficult fats to get rid of.

Arm fat accumulates gradually. Age is another factor that contributes to this problem. After 20, the lean muscle mass decreases and your body starts to store more fat in certain parts of the body.

A slow metabolism also causes arm fat. As you age, the metabolism becomes slower, so your body can no longer burn as many calories as it did till then. Finally, you end up with having arm fat.

Lack of exercising and physical activity allows fat to accumulate in the body, including the arms, even further.

All over the world, women have arm fat problem, so they avoid wearing sleeveless blouses and dresses.

Luckily, there are ways to burn arm fat. These exercises can help you burn arm fat and have nice looking arms despite of your age.