Heart attacks have become very common recently. Heart attack has even become the number one death cause. However, this is expected, since we consume too much junk food and lead very stressful lives.

The symptoms of a heart attack

You can protect your heart by leading a healthy life and decreasing the stress levels. However, it is convenient to know the symptoms of a possible future heart failure. You can notice these symptoms approximately one month before a heart attack.

Shortness of breath

If the lungs don’t receive enough oxygen, the heart will also not get enough blood. The respiratory and cardiovascular systems in your body are connected and they cannot function separately. If you are experiencing shortness of breath or other breathing problems, visit a doctor. It may be a warning sign of a future heart failure.

Flu and cold symptoms

Flu and cold symptoms are common among people who have experienced a heart attack.
Therefore, contact a medical professional if you have these symptoms and you are worried about a heart attack.

Pressure in the chest

Even though people often ignore the feeling of pressure in the chest, it is not something normal. It must be addressed by a doctor. The feeling of pressure in the chest may be a symptom of a heart attack that can happen in near future. Therefore, see a doctor immediately, if you feel chest pressure.


Another symptom of a heart attack can be weakness. Blood cannot circulate properly through narrow arteries. When this happens, the muscles in your body don’t get enough blood and this causes weakness and falling. Therefore, visit your doctor if you feel weak and exhausted.

Dizziness and cold sweats

Improper blood flow to the brain can lead to cold sweats and dizziness.


Lack of blood flow to the heart may cause drowsiness and tiredness even after a rest or a nap.

The best way to protect your heart is to lead a healthy stress-free lifestyle. You should also know all the symptoms of a heart attack and visit the doctor if you experience some of them.