For many years, people have used frankincense oil for medical purposes, as this oil possesses anti-cancer, antiseptic, expectorant and anti-neurotic properties. It is also able to treat many different health problems. This oil also has boswellic acids in its content, which make it anti-inflammatory as well.

Even though it seems impossible, this oil is miraculous. Even the wise men gave it as a gift to baby Jesus and many ancient civilizations have used it as a remedy. In this article, we present you with some ways in which you can use this oil and improve your overall health. You won’t regret it.

How to use frankincense oil and improve your general health
• Gastrointestinal problems

Frankincense oil is an excellent remedy against digestive distress, such as IBS, stomach ache, gas and constipation. In one medical study, where the effects of frankincense oil on ulcerative colitis were researched, 80% of the participants were cured after consuming 350 milligrams of the oil, 3 times a day for one and a half months.

Experts are also amazed by the effects of frankincense oil against IBS. This oil has the same effect as the chemical drug known as sulfasalazine. Just remember that this oil will improve digestion of the food you consume and will allow your digestive tract to function in a more effective way.

• Respiratory system

Traditional medicine has used this oil to treat various respiratory problems, such as coughs, bronchitis and asthma. To treat these aliments, the oil is added to steam inhalations, massages and baths. According to research, consuming this oil 3 times a day reduces bronchitis asthma symptoms, like asthma attacks, hissing lung sound and difficulties in breathing.

• Arthritis pain

Since it is anti-inflammatory, frankincense oil prevents the inflammatory molecules production, which cause arthritis.

The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory remedies cause side-effects, such as joint damage, gastrointestinal damage and increased chances of heart failure. On the other hand, the consumption of frankincense oil has no side effects.

If you suffer from arthritis, apply several drops of frankincense oil on the painful spot. People with sensitive skin should dilute the oil with coconut oil or carrier oil. Another way to treat arthritis pain with frankincense oil is to add from five to ten drops of the oil in a warm bath.

• Oral hygiene

Frankincense oil can also be used as a natural oral hygiene product, as it possesses antiseptic qualities. You can prevent dental problems like oral infections, bad breath, tooth decay and cavities by adding a few drops of the oil in the toothpaste or rubbing the oil onto the gums. Moreover, scientific research has shown that this frankincense oil can be used against gum plague, gingivitis, irritation and swelling as it contains powerful anti inflammatory properties.

• Chemo side effects and cancer

The medical community appreciates this oil as it was shown that it can destroy certain cancerous cells, such as breast, stomach, brain, colon, pancreas and prostate cancerous cells. Supposedly this oil is able to destroy the cells by activating the genes that suppress growth and destroy cells that are cancerous.

According to a medical study where frankincense oil was able to prevent the development of bladder cancer, this oil is able to distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells. This means that the oil attacks only the sick, cancerous cells and leaves the healthy body cells intact. Frankincense oil causes white blood cells proliferation and reduces the symptoms of cancer by preventing inflammation and boosting the function of the immune system.

Other benefits of the oil

• Reduces acne
• Reduces wide pores
• Prevents the appearance of wrinkles
• It is an anti-aging agent
• Reduces the visibility of dark spots
• It is effective against eczema and stretch marks
• Keeps the hormone levels balanced, reducing the symptoms of menopause and menstruation
• Relieves fatigue, anxiety, nausea and mood swings
• Improves sleep patterns by opening the breathing passages and lowering stress