For many many years, garlic has been used all over the world as food or as a remedy. It is well-known for its ability to boost the function of the immune system, lower high blood pressure and treat heart disease.

Moreover, it can also be an effective treatment of many other health conditions. In fact, garlic is an excellent source of antioxidants. It can be added to your meals or eaten raw. Raw garlic gives the most benefits.

Other benefits of consuming garlic regularly:

• Protects from dementia and Alzheimer’s
• Helps weight loss
• Reduces fatigue
• It fights acne naturally
• Improves bone health
• Protects you from hair loss
• It is a potent detoxifier of the body
• Reduces existing inflammations in the body
• Treats athlete’s foot naturally

Even if you are familiar with most of the benefits that garlic provides, you probably don’t know that the garlic you consume every day in your home or at restaurants comes from China. In fact, 1/3 of the garlic in the USA comes from China.

This may not seem as a problem at first glance, but you will realize the seriousness of the situation, when you hear that Chinese garlic is toxic. Besides the low control of quality in China, the cultivating method used for this garlic is very problematic.

The garlic producers in China use forbidden pesticides to boost their products and this can have serious effects on the health of the body.

In order to protect your health, you must eliminate this garlic from your meals. the only way to do this, is to learn to spot it and avoid it.

Next time you buy garlic, check it for these things:

• The taste of Chinese garlic is poor.

• Garlic with stem and root is safe. Chinese producers eliminate the root and the stem to reduce the weight and the cost of shipping.

• Garlic from China is less bulbous and lighter.

The best way to consume garlic safely is to grow your own or buy it from trusted local producers.