For many years, folk medicine has used the beneficial properties of ginger. According to records, ginger has been used against many different health disorders and illnesses.

Nowadays, several medical studies have confirmed the healing benefits of this amazing root.

The anticancer compounds in ginger

Some of the active compounds in this root are gignerols, shagaols and paradols. Scientific studies have confirmed the anticancer properties of these ginger compounds.

All of these studies are valid and they all confirm that these compounds can destroy cancer cells in cases of colorectal, ovarian and prostate cancer. Meanwhile, other medical experts and studies claim that ginger is better and more effective than conventional chemotherapy.

1. Prostate cancer and ginger

According to scientific study carried out in the US, which was also published in the UK, ginger extract stops the spreading of prostate cancer cells both in women and men. This is possible if 100 milligrams of extract are taken per 1 kilogram of the body weight of the patient. The extract should be consumed every day. In half of the patients, the extract from ginger managed to decrease the prostate cancer cells growth.

Therefore, taking 100 grams of ginger each day both by men and women that weigh 70 kilograms will give the same results. The study has also shown that the ginger extract does not affect the healthy cells in the body.

According to the scientists, the uniqueness of this research is that the results are connected with in vitro and in vivo anticancer properties of the extract in cases of prostate cancer. In addition, ginger can be considered as more effective than conventional chemotherapy treatment because it does not affect the health cells in the human body in a negative way as chemotherapy does.

2. Ovarian cancer and ginger

People can receive information about the beginnings of cancer with angiogenesis. The best way to prevent the development of cancer is to stop the diseases at the earliest stage possible.

The active compounds in this root can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. These active compounds have anti-angiogenic effects. A study has shown that ginger is excellent in prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer.

University medical experts point out clinical trials where it is proven that ginger root can eliminate cancer cells in the body. In the beginnings of chemotherapy treatment, the ovarian cancer cells are able to develop resistance against chemotherapy. On the other hand, the cancer cells cannot develop resistance against the active compounds in ginger.

In conclusion, ginger is more effective against ovarian cancer than chemotherapy. This herb does not trigger resistance, it does not contain any toxic substances and has no side effects.

3. Ginger against colorectal cancer cells

The anti-cancer properties of ginger were first mentioned 12 years ago. In a conference, the ability of ginger root to prevent and treat colorectal cancer was presented. Several experts supported ginger as an excellent natural prevention and remedy for colorectal cancer. The anti-cancer properties of this root were also supported by several different scientific studies.

This kind of study was published last year. In the study, the ability of ginger to prevent certain cancer types was presented. The study also revealed the ability of ginger to destroy colorectal cancer cells in the early stages of the disease. Patients with colorectal cancer can use ginger root to boost their cancer treatment.

Ginger more effective and safe than chemotherapy

Studies published in the recent period speak about the abilities of ginger to protect and stop ovarian, prostate and colorectal cancer. In comparison with conventional cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, ginger is less invasive and completely natural. This herb destroys only the cancer cells, while the healthy cells in the body are not affected.

Ginger does not contain toxins as well. The single downside of using ginger as a treatment is that the authorities do not accept it claiming there is no enough evidence for the effectiveness of the root against cancer. Most of the ginger studies that are carried out till now are done in vitro or on mice.

The natural medicine ginger

As the anticancer properties of ginger are evident, we should make this root part of our daily diet. An average adult should consume 4 grams of ginger daily, while pregnant women should take only 1 gram of this root. Add ginger to your daily meals and enjoy its many healing benefits, especially its anticancer properties.