Most people don’t know which tomatoes are GMO products. In this article, you can learn to recognize GMO tomatoes in only 2 steps.

People don’t know to recognize GMO products since the FDA believes that you don’t need to know whether a product is natural or a hybrid type which contains frog genes so that it can be resistant to low temperature.

Maybe some people don’t care about the type of the fruits and vegetables they are eating, but other definitely want to know if a product is genetically modified.

Here is how you can recognize a GMO tomato:

Products that contain chemicals have tags with a code that consists of four digits. On the other hand, natural organic products have a tag with a five digit number which starts with the number 9. GMO fruits and vegetables also have 5 digit numbers, but they start with the number 8. This is an extremely beneficial information, as most of the food in the US is genetically modified.

Some countries in Europe, such as Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary, France, Greece and Germany, have banned the production of GMO products.

The customers in the United States must be careful and knowledgeable when choosing their fruits and vegetables.