One well-known herbalist discovered a way to stop a heart attack in a minute.

There are many different herbal mixtures that can prevent a heart attack, but one of them is the most effective.

The secret ingredient that this herbalist has used is cayenne pepper. He discovered that cayenne pepper can stop a heart attack in a single minute. He also claims that this procedure is the best way to save lives.

Use of cayenne peppers

The value of Scoville Heat Units in cayenne peppers is 90,000. The same value of Scoville units can be found in Jalapeno, Thai Chi and other chili peppers. Cayenne peppers can be purchased in most healthy food stores, grocery stores and supermarkets.

If someone in your home is having a heart attack, give him/her a glass of water that contains one teaspoon of cayenne pepper. However, the person with a heart attack must be conscious to drink the mixture.

For an unconscious person, you need cayenne pepper extract. Put several drops of the extract under the person’s tongue.

Cayenne peppers are a strong stimulant. They increase the rate of the heart and balance blood circulation by carrying blood to all the parts of your body. These peppers also contain hemostatic properties, which means that they instantly stop bleeding and improve the recovery of the heart.

According to many health experts, patients are not lost when this instant method is used.

Recipe for a cayenne pepper tincture

This recipe is the best way to stop an unexpected heart attack. You need the use the most popular kind of chili peppers – cayenne peppers.

Cayenne peppers are grown in South America and India. These peppers, as well as other chili peppers, are a bushy tropical plant and in difference with regular peppers, they are a perennial plant. All chili peppers are far more stronger than regular peppers, as they contain more pepper alkaloid called capsaicin. The heat of the peppers is inversely proportional to the size of the pepper, which means that the hottest peppers are the tinniest. Therefore, you should always choose the tiniest chili peppers.

Needed ingredients:

• 2 cayenne peppers
• Cayenne pepper powder
• Vodka or 50% alcohol
• 1 l. glass bottle
• Gloves


• Put on the gloves.

• Fill ¼ of the bottle with the cayenne pepper powder. Cover the cayenne pepper powder with alcohol.

• Blend the cayenne peppers with alcohol. Use enough alcohol to get a sauce-like mixture. Fill ¾ of the bottle with this blend.

• Fill the bottle to the top with the rest of the alcohol. Close the bottle. Shake the bottle couple of times a day.

• Store the mixture in a dark place for 14 days and then strain it. Store the final mixture in a dark bottle. If you want a stronger mixture, let it rest for 3 months before straining it.

• The remedy cannot spoil if you keep it in a dark place.


Give from 5 to 10 drops to a conscious person with a stroke or a heart attack. After 5 minutes, give the person 5 to 10 drops once again. Continue giving the remedy to the person, until he/she feels better.

Put from 1 to 3 drops under the tongue of an unconscious person. Begin CPR. Repeat the procedure on every 5 minutes until the person feels better.

Benefits of cayenne peppers

• Cayenne peppers are beneficial for many different health problems.

• The antifungal properties are a good prevention from colletotrichum and phomopsis.

• The peppers are beneficial for the digestive tract, as they increase the production of gastric juices and reduce gases.

• Because of the anticancer properties, cayenne peppers are good against lung cancer and liver cancer. They prevent the development of cancer caused by smoking.

• They are effective against arthritis, stomach issues, toothaches, flu symptoms, obesity, migraines, redness and allergies.

Nutritional value

Cayenne peppers contain at least 26 nutrients. These peppers contain vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, selenium and zinc.