People in the US love eating hot dogs, without realizing how they are negatively affecting their health and the health of their children.

According to research, children who eat hot dogs are at greater risk of suffering from childhood leukemia and brain cancer.

Hot dogs are dangerous for adults as well. Fathers and pregnant women who eat hot dogs are more likely to have children who will have brain cancer.

The nitrate additives, preservatives and color agent of meat, are causing these health issues.

Nitrites and nitrates cannot cause cancer. However, when combined with amines in meat they create nitrosamides and nitrosamines, by-products which are carcinogenic.

Vitamin C is an effective blocker of the formation of these carcinogenic substances.

How to avoid these life-threatening foods

• Avoid cured meat products like cold cuts, sausages and hot dogs, as well as processed food.
• Check labels for potassium and sodium nitrites and nitrates and avoid them.
• Consume organic food products.
• Consume a diet loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants.