Persistent colds can be solved by improving the strength of your immune system. A new technique invented by a Russian doctor can strengthen the immune system rapidly.

According to the technique, soaking the feet in ice cold water for 10 seconds after work can strengthen the immune system.

Here are the steps:

Fill a basin with water and add a lot of ice. Put your feet in the water and leave them in for 10 seconds.

Repeat the procedure every day. People with extremely weak immune system should repeat this on every 4 hours.

According to a study conducted by the Virginia University, ice water is able to rejuvenate the hormone called norepinephrine.

Other benefits of ice water:

Relieves sore muscles

Ice water is effective in relieving sore muscles.

Healthy skin

Hot water makes the skin dry. On the other side, cold water makes the pores tighter, which prevents clogging.

Shiny hair

Ice water is also able to close the hair cuticle, which makes the hair extra shiny and smooth.

Ice water against depression

Cold water also affects the skin receptors. Therefore, taking a cold shower is an excellent way for reducing the symptoms of depression. The ice cold shower actually has an anti-depressive effect on you.