You can stay healthy and fit by eating healthy foods, exercising and drinking water. However, there are some ancient Japanese tricks that can help you with this as well.

• You will gain weight if you eat a lot

Sumo wrestlers start their training immediately after waking up. They skip breakfast, eat a big lunch and go to sleep. They usually eat two large meals. This is why these people are so big. So, if you eat an unbalanced diet, no exercise can help you to lose weight.

• Your body needs warmth

Fruits and vegetables that grow during the summer keep our bodies cool. Meanwhile, winter foods contain more calories and keep the body warm. Your body needs both types of food in order to stay healthy.

• Don’t drink anything with your meals

According to the Japanese, you should not drink anything during the meals as this cools down the body and slows down digestion. However, some scientists claim that water makes the body spend more energy to help digestion.

• Extend your lifespan with hot baths

Hot baths improve blood circulation, digestion, relaxes the body, cleanses the skin, reduces stress and prolongs the lifespan. 100 F is the ideal temperature.

People in the US believe that weight gain and weight loss depend on calorie intake, so they may not believe in these Japanese secrets. However, the Japanese are a nation with the longest lifespan, so their tricks may be useful.