A doctor from Austria invented a juice that effectively destroys cancer cells. The doctor cured more than 40,000 people from cancer and other illnesses. According to this doctor, protein helps cancer cells to survive.

The treatment consists of a special diet regime which lasts for 6 weeks. During the regime, only vegetable juices and teas are drunk. The main ingredient in the vegetable juices is beetroot. The cancer cells starve and eventually die during these weeks.

This juice consists of organic beetroots – 55%, celery – 20%, carrots – 20%, potatoes – 3% and radishes – 2%.

Beetroot has been used in the treatment of leukemia for a long time, due to the amino acid betaine, which has anticancer properties. Thousands of people have experienced the positive effect in treating leukemia and other cancer types with grated raw beetroot or beetroot juice.

Beetroots are also effective against illnesses caused by oxidative stress. The fibers in beets can reduce the cholesterol levels up to nearly 50%. Beetroots protect the elasticity of the blood vessels and balance the blood pressure levels.

Pregnant women should also regularly consume beetroots, as they contain folic acid, which protects the newborn from several different diseases. Beetroots also stimulate the gall bladder and the liver. When combined with carrots, beetroots become an effective remedy against kidney disease. This vegetable is also helpful in case of bone pain, toothaches and headaches.