The physical appearance of the nasty insect cockroach may even scare someone tremendously. These horrible insects are usually found near dirt and garbage. However, they can often appear in houses, usually in the bathroom or the pantry.

These insects exist all over the world, due to their ability to adapt to any climate. These insects are the most resistant living organism. They can live without food for a month and they can withstand very high radiation levels. Cockroaches eat both other animals and plants, so they are omnivores. Therefore, cockroaches are found everywhere, eating anything that comes in their way.

Cockroaches also leave traces of chemicals through the stool. They use this ability to find food and water sources easily. This allows the cockroaches to stay in some places, using this ability as a way of communicating between each other. Luckily, in this article, we will show you how to get rid of these awful insects.

Try this extremely effective trick if you want to destroy the cockroaches that constantly reappear in your house. This solution is also an excellent option if you have pets or small children, as there is no use of dangerous and industrial poisonous chemicals that may harm the health.

Natural and powerful repellent of cockroaches – the bay leaf

The most powerful and in the same time natural repellent of these nasty insects is bay leaf. The leaves of this plant do not kill the cockroaches. Instead, it repels them away from the house fast, as the insects cannot tolerate the smell of the bay leaves. You only need to place branches of the plant in the corners of your home.

Put 10 leaves in the kitchen or the garden and you will no longer have cockroaches running around your house. The bay leaves contain no toxins and they are completely safe for usage, so they are perfect cockroach repellent for places where you keep food like the pantry or the kitchen. You should also put some bay leaves in the garden, especially if you are a pet owner. This will help you get rid of the cockroaches without harming your pets or small children.

Both fresh and dry bay leaves can be used. However, the best solution is to prepare bay leaves powder by crushing dry leaves. The smell of the bay leaves is much more stronger in this way.