The usual ways of training on the treadmill doesn’t lead to the desired results? You don’t know what you’re doing wrong? Are you wondering if you can improve the effects of your cardio training?

These tricks will increase fat burn on the treadmill:

Continuous pace of cardio training produces positive effects such as loss of unwanted fats, exclusively during exercise. After a continuous pace cardio workout, your body can usually recover quickly and that period of increased fat burning is actually extremely short.

Therefore, practicing interval cardio training is the best way to achieve that long-term need of your body for an increased amount of energy. Doing interval cardio training starts with easy running for 3 to 5 minutes, and then after each minute of easy walking, do sprints for 30 seconds. It’s enough to do 8 sprints in one training session. If you decide to practice interval training, be aware of the fact that the sufficient time for this training is only 20 minutes.

Change the incline of the treadmill

If you are not prone to sprints, in order to achieve the desired effect of the training, you can change the incline of the treadmill. The warming process lasts from 3 to 5 minutes with easy running, after which you need to increase the incline to 80 to 90 beats per minute. After each minute of training, increase or decrease the incline of the treadmill. Increase the incline of the treadmill up to 8 times during one training session.

Give the maximum effort

Regardless of how you perform the interval cardio training, it is important at certain times of the training to feel that you have given maximum effort. With this type of training your heart will be racing, which is a key incentive for your body to burn excess fat. It all comes down to the fact that by activating different muscle groups you “shock” your organism and encourage increased demand for energy. With the aforementioned ways of shocking the organism it will need more energy to recover after performing physical activities.