Many people try to lose weight with different types of diets, such as vegan diet, atkins diet, blood type diet and 3-hour diet. It is a good thing to maintain a healthy diet regime, but many experts claim that the best way to lose weight is to boost the function of your metabolism.

An amazingly effective way to speed up your metabolism is to be physically active by doing strength and cardio training. Another way to speed up your metabolism is by drinking tea or coffee as they contain caffeine and this ingredient stimulates the central nervous system.

If you are not a coffee or tea lover and you don’t have time for exercising, spices are also an excellent booster of the metabolism. If you add some natural spices and ingredients to your diet, you will speed up your metabolism and start losing excess weight.

In Iran, scientists conducted a research to see how different spices affect the weight loss process. The study was carried out on 44 women who were struggling with their weight. First, the scientists divided the women in two groups.

The participants in both groups followed a diet plan of three months. Their diet consisted of healthy foods and they ate less than 500 calories a day. The difference between the groups was that one group was given 3 grams of cumin powder on a daily basis. The cumin was added to 140 grams of yogurt. The other group of women consumed the yogurt without the addition of cumin.

The final results were shocking. There was a huge difference in weight loss between the groups. The group that was given cumin lost 14 pounds more than the group of women who did not consume the spice.

The cumin affected other things besides weight loss. The women who consumed cumin also lost more body fat. In fact, the other group lost nearly 5% of fat, while the cumin group lost nearly 15% of fat.

The effectiveness of cumin to speed up the metabolism comes from the presence of filosterole. Filosterole prevents cholesterol to store into the body. Therefore, filosterole boosts the metabolism. So, if you are trying to lose weight and body fat, try adding cumin powder to your daily diet.