Both men and women often have the problem of abdominal fat. This problem may make you feel insecure and even lead to serious medical issues.

The reasons for abdominal fat are bad diet that consists of processed food and sugar, lack of sleep and stress. In order to find the solution for this problem, the main trigger must be discovered. However, sometimes stomach fat may also be an issue for people who eat healthy and exercise regularly.

The accumulated fat deposits can have several different purposes. They can protect the inner organs, give energy in case of hunger and protect the body from dangerous toxins.

If you want to eliminate stomach fat, you must find ways to help your body burn those fats.

Exercises improve the energy need of the organism and make the muscles under the fat stronger. However, if you have toxic accumulations in the body or you have unhealthy eating habits, the fat burning process may be slow.

Chinese abdominal massage

There is a 2-minute massage that can give you some type of inner exercises that cleanse and detoxify. This eventually results with fat burning.

This Chinese technique includes different exercises for strengthening the digestive tract. The benefits of this technique are:

• Improved digestion
• Detoxification
• Elimination of fat tissue
• No constipation
• Boosting the organs in the abdominal area
• Improved blood circulation in the abdominal area

Perform this technique 2 times a day, in the morning and before going to bed if you want the best result. Here is what you have to do:

Lay down on a flat surface.

Rub your hands together until they become warm,

Position the hands on the navel.

Rub in small circles around your navel and gradually increase the circles using a firm pressure. Every circle should last for 1 second.

Perform around 40 circles. Try to keep your stomach warm during the exercises.