Your nails can become damaged with time from the different manicure procedures that you take. Even though it is not confirmed, most regular attendants of manicure salons are aware of this.

You can see that these procedures cause damage when you need to go to the salon at least once a week. Moreover, if you put on artificial nails regularly, you cause even more damage.

What should we do when the damage is already done? It’s time to change something and not repeat the same mistakes again.

To repair the already made damage, you have to spend a lot of damage as these treatments are expensive. Moreover, they last for a couple of hours and have to be done for several days. Then, you can only hope that you will grow back new healthy nails.

Fortunately, we can offer you a solution for your problem. In this article, we will show you how to grow new healthy nails fast.

Most people who researched and tried to re-grow their nails have probably heard of or tried these treatments. They were most certainly satisfied with the final results.

These treatments are completely natural, so you should try them. They cannot cause harm.

You can see the methods in the video.

There is also a way to protect your nails and keep them healthy.

Having healthy nails is not a genetic thing. It does not mean that you will have perfect nails if you mother did.

You have to avoid any bad habits. First of all, stop trimming your nails with your mouth. It is unhealthy both for the nails and the body.

Your diet can also affect your nails. Consume products that contain vitamin D, protein, zinc, magnesium and iron.

You should also try to protect the nails when dealing with chemical products such as detergents.