According to research, 75 percent of the women in the United States dye their hair. The same research also discovered that 88 percent of the women believe that their hair has an influence on their self-confidence.

You should not ignore the dangers that the chemical products pose to your hair and general health, especially if you go to a hair salon frequently or dye your hair by yourself at home.

In hair dyes there are more than 500 chemicals. Animal studies prove that these chemicals are carcinogenic.

Natural way to color your hair without the use of chemical products
Beet juice or carrot for red hair

You can dye your hair with beets or carrots if you want to add a reddish color to your hair, without using dangerous chemicals.

Needed ingredients:

• Carrot juice or beet juice
• Whipped coconut oil


Combine the ingredients and apply the mixture to your hair. Then, cover it with a plastic wrap. Leave it to sit for an hour. After that, wash and condition your hair with the products you are normally using.

Chamomile for blonde hair

• 8 Tbsp. chamomile
• 300 ml. water
• Lemon juice

Add 8 tablespoons of dried chamomile to 300 milliliters of hot water. Continue heating the mixture for 15 minutes. Then, leave the mixture to cool down completely, filter it and add lemon juice from ½ a lemon.

Apply the mix to your hair, comb it and leave it to dry. You can achieve even better results if you allow your hair to dry in the sun. After this, wash your hair with the shampoo you are using on a regular basis.

Walnut hull for brown hair

Crush some walnuts, boil the hulls for half an hour and then soak your hair in the mixture for 20 minutes. Don’t rub the mix into your skull a lot.

Onion peels for gray hair

Mix half a glass of onion peels and 1 glass of boiling water. Leave it to rest for 20 minutes.

Strain the liquid and add 2 tablespoons of glycerol in it. Rub your hair with the mixture daily. Then, wash your hair with your shampoo.