Extra virgin vegetable oil can be considered as the best source of fat. This oil is essential part of Mediterranean cuisine and this cuisine is the healthiest cuisine in the world.

It is especially beneficial for preserving your cardiovascular system and the heart. Extra virgin olive oil is extracted with natural methods and therefore this oil is much more healthier than olive oil, extracted by using chemical substances and processes.

Unfortunately, a recent study has revealed that the most popular brands of olive oil in the US are actually supplemented with cheap oils. These cheap oils cannot provide you with the same health benefits as pure extra virgin olive oil.

Study of extra virgin olive oil brands

Recently, scientists have analyzed the qualities of different brands of extra virgin olive oil. Both popular and obscure brands were analyzed. The evaluation of the oils was according to the methods and standards of testing established by International Council for olive oil.

The researchers found out that most famous extra virgin olive oils do not meet the required international standards. The oils used poor quality olives, the samples were oxidized and refined vegetable oil was found in the bottles instead of olive oil.

Cheap and highly refined vegetable oils are linked to many health conditions especially heart diseases. These oils, used as a substitute of the olive oil in the tested samples, also contain no nutritional value.

Recognize a fake extra virgin olive oil and real extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil has a high price. Extra virgin olive oil has even a higher price. Therefore, cheap and fake alternatives exist on the market. Many olive oils have the flag of Italy on the label. However, an olive oil can contain the Italian flag even if it is not produced in Italy. Only the packaging may be done there.

To successfully determine whether an olive oil is authentic is read the label and find out where the oil was produced and how. The physical characteristics of the oil can also help you. Olive oil with refined vegetable oils has a lighter color. Its taste is also poor.

Luckily, the test was passed by three famous brands of olive oil. Lucini, Cobram Estate and California Ranch bottles contain pure extra virgin olive oil.