Cigarettes can be quite addictive because they contain nicotine, which is a substance that is as addictive as drugs.

As years pass, your body craves for more and more nicotine and you cannot live without it. At the end, you will smoke several packets of cigarettes to satisfy the need for nicotine.

Your body will start needing nicotine to function properly. If you decide to stop smoking, your body will stop functioning effectively. This happens because withdrawal symptoms appear and you become anxious and restless. This lasts until you smoke another cigarette.

Fortunately, there is one natural herb that can stop your cravings for cigarettes. That herb is stevia.
How does this herb help you to stop smoking?

The herb has its origins in Paraguay and South America. It has a sweet taste and therefore it is used for many years as a natural sweetener.

Despite as a sweetener, stevia can be used to stop the cravings for nicotine and even for alcohol.

The only thing you have to do is to put several drops of stevia in the mouth and on the tongue.

You should do this whenever you start wanting a cigarette. This herb will stop the cravings for nicotine and you will eventually stop smoking.

Stevia can be bought in larger supermarkets or local heath stores. It can be found in the form of fine powder and liquid.

Stevia can also effectively treat the following health conditions:

• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Hypertension

Stevia can also be used as an anti-aging agent and it can treat blemished skin, acne and dermatitis.

How to grow stevia?

Stevia needs a warm climate. First, take a 12 inch flower pot and a good quality soil. Place the pot in a sunny place, water the soil and wait for it to dry.

The flower pot needs to have good drainage because stevia needs a loose soil.

Harvesting stevia

Trim the flowers in order to get more leaves. The leaves should be harvested late in fall and then they should be sun dried for a day.

Then, grind the leaves and preserve it into a glass container with a lid.