Most people take drugs and prescription drugs immediately after some health issue occurs. Some day these drugs will affect your health in a negative way.

First, you should always try to solve your health problem with natural alternative medicines. These remedies have the same effects as the drugs. The difference is in that that they don’t cause any side effects. For instance, the painful condition neck osteochondrosis can be treated with natural remedies. The remedy presented in this article is really simple. Follow the instructions below and prepare your own remedy for neck osteochondrosis.


• 20 Tbsp. sunflower or olive oil
• 10 Tbsp. salt


Mix the ingredients and keep the mixture in a glass container for 2 days before using the remedy.


Apply the mixture on the affected area in the morning. Rub the area with the remedy for 2 minutes and gradually increase the time in the next sessions until you reach a 20 minute massage. After the massage, wipe the remedy off with a damp cloth. If your skin is irritated after the treatment, use baby powder to reduce the inflammation.

After 10 days, the remedy will help with regeneration of muscle in the bone tissues and cartilage. It will also stimulate blood circulation. You will also not experience headaches and vision problems as the blood flow will be improved.

The remedy will boost your metabolism and cleanse your body of toxins as well. The massage can only make you dizzy afterwards, but there are no other side effects.