In this article, we present you with some new ways to treat sciatica pain. They are beneficial and completely natural.

Change of temperature

Reduce the pain by putting ice on the painful spot. After this, take a hot bath immediately and the pain will disappear.

Cat-cow pose

The sciatic nerve is located from the lower part of the back to the legs. If you hurt this nerve by accident, you will experience a lot of pain. Fortunately, yoga exercises, especially the cat-cow pose, are an effective way to reduce the sciatica pain.

Lion’s breath yoga pose

The lion’s breath yoga pose in another effective yoga pose against sciatica pain.

Avoid lying down and sitting for a long time

People who suffer from sciatica pain should not spend a lot of time sitting or lying. Instead, walking and jogging are recommended.

Deep massages

Another way to relieve sciatica pain is deep massages. There is also one essential oil that is recommended for performing these massages. This oil is St. John’s Wort oil. The oil prevents the release of compounds in the body, which cause sciatica pain. Just rub the affected spot with St. John’s Wort oil at least two times a day and you will experience pain relief.


Acupuncture is believed to be one of the most effective methods for relieving extreme pain.


Sleeping in the proper position and for enough time is essential against sciatica pain.


Staying hydrated is important against sciatica pain. Water relieves stiffness, pushes the healing nutrients into the bloodstream and detoxifies the body.

Anti-inflammatory foods

Chronic sciatica pain can be reduced with the consumption of sweet potatoes, turmeric, seaweed, garlic and ginger.