It is of great importance to notice the signs of an illness. In this article, we will present you with the signs of lung cancer that you should not ignore.

Coughing up blood – see your doctor if you see a few drops of blood when you cough.

Sudden weight loss – sudden weight loss can be a sign of diabetes or cancer.

Pain in the bones – this type of pain can also be a sign of lung cancer.

Chronic cough – coughing is normal, but constant coughing can be a sign of cancer.

Pain in the chest – this type of pain can indicate both heart and lung problems.

Chronic problems with the respiratory tract – long inflammations or infection of the respiratory tract can be a sign of cancer.

Breathing difficulties – this symptom appears in case of lung infection or lung cancer.

Chronic tiredness – this can be a symptom of low red blood cells count and lung cancer.

Hoarseness – hoarseness that happens too often can be a sign that you must see your doctor.

Frequent allergy symptoms – symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing and blocked airways can be a sign of an allergy or lung cancer.