Shamans see mental diseases differently. They see these health problems as an aid in the birth of a healer. Malidoma Patrice Some is part of the Dagara people and he teaches spiritual workshop in the United States about this.

According to Doctor Some, people with mental illnesses are sent here to deliver a message from the world of the spirits. These behaviors and mental illnesses are in fact 2 types of energies that are found in the same field, but are not compatible. These energies cannot become compatible if an expert does not help.

Dr. Some was shocked when he saw how we deal with metal disorders. In his cultural surroundings, these healers are helped and not stopped because they are of extreme value.

When he established himself in the United States, doctor Some started visiting these people in the mental hospitals. He noticed that there are numerous beings and entities around these patients. These beings and entities can only be seen by psychics and shamans. He immediately understood that the turmoil of these patients was caused by these beings and the patients’ inability to deal with them. In the Dagara culture, shamans do not try to suppress or expel the two types of energies found in these people. They try to help these people to balance the 2 types of energies and deal with their crisis.

Doctor Some was determined to discover whether his beliefs about mental and behavior disorders are applicable in the western world as well. Therefore, he took one of the patients from the hospital and went to his village in Africa with him. The patient was an 18 year old boy from America called Alex. Alex suffered a psychotic break at the age of 14 and since then he was institutionalized and given numerous drugs, but nothing improved his mental wellbeing. Alex went to Africa with doctor Some after his parents gave a permission hoping for improvement of their child’s condition.

Alex was normal again after eight months spent in Africa. He even started being a part of the healing rituals together with the other healers. He remained in the African village for 4 years because this village made him feel safe.

In a mental hospital, a shaman does not seem sick people with huge medical problems. He sees potential healers that are waiting for help in order to develop the healers stuck inside of them.

See the video and hear what doctor Some has to say. His knowledge and wisdom are incredible. It may even change your own opinion about mental and behavioral disorders.