There is a huge painful difference between a grownup and the child that grown up once was.

When we are children, we have huge dreams about becoming something. We may not precisely know what that profession requires, but we don’t stop dreaming. We are often inspired to become something, because there was a magnificent person in that profession and we want to be just like that person.

In high school, it is time for choosing the subjects you want to study. We often choose subjects because they are logical choices and some kind of guarantee for finding work. We don’t choose subjects that we like. We have already forgotten about our dreams and the people who inspired as when we were young.

This happens to most people all over the world. There are children who are told to sit still, while inside they are dancing and trying to find ways to get away from the situation they are in. there are also people who spend hours painting and drawing since they were very young. However, they did not choose art at school because society or the people around them pointed out that you cannot make money needed for survival by being an artist. There are also people who choose boring subjects such as science and math. These difficult subjects drained all their energy and they never had time to enjoy and develop their creativity further. Society stopped their creativity.

We all listen to the wisdom that society offers, we choose logical subjects and forget about creativity.

Society can only function if its subjects, the people, follow directions. Every day to get up, go to work, work, go back home, eat dinner, go to bed and repeat everything the following day.

How did we find ourselves in this situation?

Alike, a story about a father named Copi and a son named Paste, answer this question. Copi teaches his son about the acceptable patterns of behavior and Paste changes from a happy young boy to a miserable person.

However, Copi should not be judged because he is only teaching his child what he was thought.

This short film has received 69 awards and was played 10 million times on social networks, vimeo and youtube.

Check out this incredible animation which portrays how society destroys our spirit and creativity.