Many people know that in the morning, when they get up from bed, they need to eat something and then start dealing with the everyday tasks. However, most of them don’t know what exactly they should consume for breakfast. Therefore, they get hungry fast and their stomach is empty even before noon.

According to nutritionists, it is important what you eat for breakfast, especially if you want to lose weight. The best choice is oatmeal, which is confirmed by the latest research. This research was carried out on nearly 40 men and women, which were divided in 3 groups. The first group consumed oatmeal for breakfast, the second ate cornflakes and the thirds group skipped breakfast and drank only water. Both the first and the second group consumed 350 calories.

Three hours after breakfast, the participants recorder their hunger and gave blood samples, so that their levels of insulin and sugar in the blood could be recorded. For lunch, all of the participants were given the same meal and they were allowed to eat as much as they wanted.

It was concluded that the group that ate oatmeal for breakfast was least hungry in the morning and in the afternoon and they consumed nearly 50 percent fewer calories for lunch than the other groups.

The other two groups felt hunger 3 hours after eating cornflakes and drinking water and they ate the same amount of calories for lunch.

Oatmeal stays in the stomach longer, while cornflakes cause growth of the blood glucose levels and then a rapid fall.

This research, as well as many others, shows how beneficial oatmeal is when you want to lose weight.

Why oatmeal?

Oats and products that contain them are very healthy. It can also be consumed as lunch, dinner and healthy desserts, such as cookies with oats.

You are saturated longer

Oatmeal contains fibers. They increase the volume of the eaten amount inside the digestive system. This is why you feel saturated longer after eating oatmeal. Besides this, thanks to the fibers, oatmeal stimulates the digestion of the food and the metabolism. Therefore, oatmeal is an ideal food if you want to lose weight.

Lowers cholesterol

Oatmeal lowers cholesterol, protects the heart and you from a stroke or a heart attack because the fibers in it connect to the fats inside.

Lowers blood pressure

According to research, regular consumption of oatmeal can help you lower your blood pressure by 30 percent.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Oat flakes and oatmeal lowers the risk of colon, ovarian, prostate and breast cancer.

It is cheap

Oat flakes are cheap. Even the organic ones can be found for a cheap price.