Believe it or not, the probability that you have already met a psychopath in your life is huge. Although the movies portray them as serial killers, in reality this isn’t so. But all those other features are here.

They are nice, kind and make you feel secure. And what you don’t see is that they manipulate everything in every minute of your interaction. Research shows that 1% of the world’s population is comprised of psychopaths or potential psychopaths, and most of them are men. Although it sounds like an illness, it is an antisocial personality disorder caused by various factors. It’s incredibly difficult to notice that you are dealing with a psychopath, but maybe the following 8 expressions will help you do that.

1. There is no shame or guilt for them

Normal people react differently than psychopaths when they hurt someone. Psychopaths enjoy hurting others. That’s why they do it. The only time they apologize to you honestly is if they still need you. They are able to offend, hurt, manipulate, deceive, and lure everyone, without feeling a bit of guilt or regret. This is one of the most striking indicators that you are dealing with a psychopath, although nothing else suggests it.

2. They don’t feel empathy

Psychopaths can’t put themselves in someone else’s shoes or understand what others are feeling. But they can mimic sympathy and empathy, which is something they have learned by observing other people.

3. They enjoy causing guilt in others

Psychopaths really love to play with the emotions of others. It is their way of manipulating people to do exactly what they want. They notice and observe small details about your personality in order to gain your trust, and then use these information to make you feel guilty and do them favors.

4. The only thing they value is themselves

Even if everything around them falls apart, if they are okay, they won’t blink an eye.

5. They are arrogant

Psychopaths have an increased sense of importance. Just like narcissists, they believe that the usual rules don’t apply to them. They also have glorified ideas about their potential. They simply believe they deserve to have higher positions than others, or are convinced that they are the best in everything they do.

6. They constantly lie, without any clear motive

They constantly change the truth by trying to turn it into a better story, even when they have no reason to do so. Psychopaths are accustomed to changing their character and stories and to modify them according to their behavior. If you ever find yourself in a situation that you do not believe in their lies or you try to check their truth, they will immediately react that you are paranoid and that you over-analyze things.

7. They are generally well-liked

No one can make you feel good about yourself as psychopath can. They will charm you and win you over, will make you smile and be good and nice. All this makes it almost impossible to discover that they are psychopaths. Regardless of the fact that they have no feelings, they are able to put on themselves the mask of charisma and win every person in the room.

8. They never take responsibility for what they do

This allows them to be manipulative without having feelings of guilt. They never feel responsible for their actions.

To make a final decision whether a person is a psychopath, you need to know that a normal and healthy person will always try to raise you up, sit down with you and solve problems and never call you jealous, crazy, or too demanding. A normal person will create a positive feeling and make you feel loved.