There are a lot of spiritually awakened, incredibly strong people coming into relationships that are sometimes violent, stressful and manipulative, and we often wonder – why?

There are probably many reasons why this is happening, but it seems that strong people are already so good at working on themselves that they often need a relationship that will really push them out of their comfort zone. Relationships often teach us the most important things about us, especially when we already have a strong character.

If you have problems in your relationship, if you wonder why everything else flows smoothly in your life other than love, it could be a sign that you are a strong soul here to experience deeper, transforming work through another person.

Here’s why strong people are often attracted to difficult relationships and how to move through them.

1. Soulmate relationships

Strong people are often predestined to have soul-mate relationships. Soulmates come to our lives to help us make our soul grow. Working with a soulmate can be very difficult, painful and surprising, all at the same time, but the ultimate goal is spiritual growth.

Through such relationships, strong people often experience healing and self-perception. This is because they are independent and self-reliant, and when they merge with another person, most of their weaknesses are prominent. Relationships with a soul mate need not last forever, but in terms of growth and development, the effects of this relationship will probably last for a lifetime.

2. Healing relationships

Many strong people are also healers and will therefore attract a partner who needs a lot of healing and attention. Strong people usually have the skills to help those who need healing, emotional support and comfort, and that’s why the universe connects them.

Healing is never unilateral. If you do a lot of healing in your relationship, it is very likely that both sides will benefit. Strong people are also often sent to help other souls in work on similar patterns they have had to deal with in this life or past lives.

One thing to be aware of here is that this is not about captivity in a one-sided relationship. If you feel exhausted because of all that healing work, it may be a sign that you also need to make a shift in your thinking to grow in your relationship.

3. Karmic relationships

Often challenging relationships carry karma from past lives. Relationships can also stimulate things in us that can cause you to feel overwhelmed and confused. Karmic relations are often intense and powerful, particularly in the beginning. Also, there can be a strong, inexplicable force that attracts each other and even strong rejection from time to time.

The healing of old Karmic wounds in connection is a challenging job, but it can also be a great potential for growth and evolution. When it comes to karma, the lessons will follow you from one relationship into another in order to heal, release and purify you.

Strong people often attract a lot of things in their lives because they are strong enough to deal with them and possess the tools they need to work with this karmic energy. Karmic related work doesn’t imply abuse of ill-treatment or other bad behavior, but sometimes learning a lesson can be the most exquisite thing for your soul.

What an strong people learn from challenging relationships

1. Allow yourself to be weak

Usually, strong people go through their life providing support to other people, but difficult relationships can stimulate the exact opposite. Allow yourself other people to support you in the relationship and resist the urge to always have to be strong.

2. Learn to be soft and destroy the obstacles you have created when you receive love

Strong people are often very good at giving, but are less good at receiving.

3. Understand that all relationships are just the experiences that are here to help you grow into your highest potential

Take up the challenges that come and remember that it’s all part of the journey.

4. Focus on love for yourself

When you really love yourself, it will help you move forward in the relationship.

5. Do not forget that a challenging relationship sometimes brings the greatest rewards

When you are able to overcome problems and reach a clearer space, this can create a strong relationship that often lasts for a lifetime.