Every housewife wants her white clothes to be perfectly white. The ideal color of the white sheets and clothes is snowy white. However, white sheets and clothes lose the beautiful white color with time. They can become yellow or pale gray.

This is a huge problem for people who love wearing white dresses and shirts. They try everything to restore the white color and make the white clothes even whiter.

Synthetic bleach is not the right solution. In fact, it can make the situation even worse. The clothes will remain yellow and they will thin out.

How to return the white color of your white clothes?

The problem with the white color of your clothes can be solved with certain natural combinations. You may have heard the recipe for the natural bleach from your grandmother, since the natural bleach has been used for ages.

With this natural bleach you will save money, since you will not have to buy branded laundry detergents and bleachers that are expensive.

This old and effective combination is the right solution for your problem. You should use potassium permanganate as this product is effective in whitening your clothes. The results are incredible.

Using potassium permanganate on white clothes

First, buy potassium permanganate. Add several crystals of this substance into 10 liters of water. When you mix it with water, you will get a solution that is pink in color. You will not get a more effective solution if you add more potassium permanganate. Then, add 200 grams of detergent into the mix of water and potassium permanganate.

Your homemade bleach is ready for use. Put your white clothes into the solution. Cover them by using a nylon bag. You should soak the clothes in the solution overnight or for at least five hours. Even though, the solution’s shade is not appealing, it is effective for whitening.

After your clothes are done soaking into the solution, put them in the laundry machine and wash them as you regularly do.

The process can also be done in the reverse order – first wash the clothes in the washing machine and then soak them in the homemade bleach. If you do this, you have to rinse the clothes to remove to bleach and then hang them. The whitening procedure can be repeated until you get the desired shade of white on your clothes. You will certainly be satisfied with the results.

Bonus tip

Baking soda can also be used for clothes whitening. It is an effective ingredient for getting a white color. Moreover, it is extremely cheap.

Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda into your detergent to whiten your clothes perfectly. Furthermore, using baking soda has some other benefits as well. Baking soda also increases the power of the detergent and softens the water. Many housewives use baking soda rather than expensive synthetic bleach. Watch how your clothes become white with only a few tablespoons of baking soda into the detergent department of the washing machine.

These whitening ideas will be very helpful for your home. Enjoy wearing your white clothes again!