It is believed that we fall in love three times in our lives. All of these loves happen for a reason and at a specific time.

First love

First love happens when we are young and this life is idealistic as if it came directly from the fairy tales.

This love happens to satisfy the expectation that the society has and we believe that this will be our only love. We also believe that love is supposed to be like this. This love is based on how other people see us rather than on our real feelings.

Second love

The second love is hard and teaches us lessons, especially about what we need in a relationship. This love is full of lies, deceit, loss and pain.

We don’t change a lot from our previous love, but we grow in this relationship. We will suffer, but we will learn what we really need from the partner.

The worst part of this love is that we will repeat the same mistakes until we finally learn the lesson and find real love afterwards.